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Sri Sudarsana Homa

Lord Sri Sudarshana is the chief Deity of this Very Powerful Sudarshana Homa. The Word "Sudarshana" it self means "Su" - right or correct, "darshana" means vision. The Sudarshana Chakra is the mighty weapon in the form of Disc of Lord Narayana, Who holds this weapon with in His right hand and uses it for the protection of the righteousness and destruction of the vicious. This Sudarshana Chakra is extremely powerful, mighty in strength and is believed to be brighter than 1000 Sun' s radiance and light put together. This Sudarshana Chakra has many auspicious attributes associated with it. It is the most powerful Protection Shield for those who adhere to the Dharma & the Lord.

At the same time it is also Most powerful weapon which destroys the evil and evil doers. Hence its serves dual roles at the same time which makes it the most unique of all. But the two most important attributes of Sri Sudarshana are "Pida Pradanam" which gives immediate relief from pain and suffering to the performer by removing all the evil causing negativities and negative forces from the path. Another important the Sudarshana Chakra is "Papa Nashanam / Dosha Nivaranam" (the destruction of sins / removal of negative effects). This is the first step to be adopted for attaining the God (Lord Narayana) realization which alone can bestow the Good health, Happiness, Success and Prosperity as they dawn very easily and naturally with His grace and blessings alone.

The Sudarshana Chakra has yet another very important attribute - healing Power associated with it. Therefore performance of the Sudarshana Homam also gives relief from health related issues specially it gives relief from diseases, any and all kinds of illnesses, removes the effects of poisons, evil eye, black magic, accidents etc by neutralizing the negative Karmas.

In conclusion, the performance of the Sudarshana Homam grants the performer health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. It is well known that what ever the performer seeks at the time of Sudarshana Homa - whether it be health, material benefit, spiritual enhancement or any other thing, he gets it.

It is considered ideal to perform this Sudarshana Homa on any Ekadashi, Dwadasi and Pournami Tithis that fall on Wednesdays and Saturdays for yielding most effective and favorable results. It is recommended or advised that every person should do this at least once in a year.
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“It is a great joy to write to you about how my health has improved dramatically since you started the yagyas!”

~ G.R., USA

“I feel very good after the yagyas, so much lighter, and people say my face is shining!”

~ P.L., UK

“Your unique program of Daily Yagyas skillfully performed by your group of Vedic Pundits in India is truly a great blessing beyond words.”

~ Anonymous, Europe

“I have known Pandit Samavedula for over three years now and each time I’ve asked for help it came fast and sure.”

~ P.D., USA

Dear Panditji Samavedula.
"I want to thank you for the help I am receiving from you for the yagyas you are performing. It has really helped with the depression although at times I seem to be very emotional. Until recently I have been unable to function enough to even get anything accomplished."  

~ V.E.

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