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Daily Rudrabhishekam & Chandi Parayanam

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VYC has come up a new and very innovative Yagya program for all with in the affordable price. This is a New Package that we have introduced for every ones benefit to be easily accessible to one and all at a lower and affordable price that is for $108.00/ month per person. For family or group sponsorship, please contact Pundit C. S. Samavedula @512-633-7999 or



Pictures of Shiv Ling & Meru (Srichakra)


The Chandi & Rudra are Divine couple and are the Universal Parents to the entire creation and are therefore Divine Father (Lord Rudra or Shiva) and Divine Mother (Goddess Chandi or Parvathi) as per the 'ArdhaNarishwara Tatwa' ( also as per 'Prakurti & Purusha' concept).


It is said that the best way to seek the blessings of the God is when both the Divine parents are approached and prayed to gather, then will the grace of the Lord stays strongly with the person and that grace lasts long.


According to the First Jagatguru Sri Sri Adishankaracharya this concept is well seen in may of his most famous and world renowned Sanskrit (World's most ancient living languages) compositions such as - 'Sivananda Lahari & Sowndarya Lahari'. Jagatguru Sri Adishankara Bhagawatpada has had Divine Vision about This Divine couple parenting & guarding the entire creation always together and has stated the same in his compositions as well. He has always said that we should pray to the Divine couple together even in the 1st line of "Sivananda Lahari" starts with this same concept.



                 Shiva Shakti      Prakruti & Purusha in Ardhanariswara Form


Even the Great Poet saint of South India called Maha Kavi Kalidas, who could directly communicate with Goddess Kali in person has visualized the same thing and has composed many works stating the same thing


Like -" Vaagardha viva sampruktau vagartha pratipattay I

Jagatah pitarau vande Parvati Parameswarau II."


Meaning: The way Sound & Meaning of the word are united and those who have created sound and its meaning and those who are father and mother of the universe, to such universal Father and mother Lord Shiva and Parvati, I salute humbly.


Hence the praying together to this Couple yields powerful and long lasting positive results with out doubt. The way we love and respect our parents who gave this earthly body to us. Same way we ought to love, respect and worship the Divine Parents also every day for they gave us this Soul. Body is perishable and dies one day for all for sure. But soul lives and keeps moving from one body to another depending on its previous 'good or bad karma' and travels in the universe until it attains 'Moksha' (Unity with God). Therefore Praying to our Divine parents on Daily basis becomes all the more essential as our soul needs to go to another body in the life beyond life, as we do not know how long this goes on.


Benefits for this would also be very special and above all long lasting.  This is a monthly sponsorship for which any individual, group or Business and any kind organization can choose to sponsor for gaining the special blessings of both Divine Mother (Goddess Durga) and Father of the Universe (Lord Shiva) together.


Performing DAILY RUDRABHISHEKAM everyday with your name in the sankalpa gives you Longitivity, good health, general prosperity, eradication of poverty, annihilation of sins and all the desires (only that adhere to 'Dharma') will be fulfilled. Along with these benefits, they will also be blessed with Divine Mother' s grace that gives power & dominance over enemies, for uplift in all of our endeavors,  removal of evil forces and negative energies and Divine protection. Due to the support of the Mother nature, all these will happen in a very natural and smooth way. Hence Daily Rudrabhishekam has been enjoined with CHANDI PARAYANA, which gives added Divine energy, Protection and Prosperity from Mother Divine and her special blessings too that are long lasting. VYC will also be doing Chandi Homa with your (Sponsors ) name/s in the Sankalpa during Chandi Homa on every Full Moon Day (Pournima), every month during the entire sponsorship period.


Our Daily Rudrabhishekam & Chandi Parayana Program was designed and composed keeping these facts in view to provide blessings of this Divine Couple together so the Good karma comes and stays with us longer and thus good results also last long.


Hara, Hara Parvati Pathaye namah:

Order Daily Rudrabhishekam & Chandi Program


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“It is a great joy to write to you about how my health has improved dramatically since you started the yagyas!”

~ G.R., USA

“I feel very good after the yagyas, so much lighter, and people say my face is shining!”

~ P.L., UK

“Your unique program of Daily Yagyas skillfully performed by your group of Vedic Pundits in India is truly a great blessing beyond words.”

~ Anonymous, Europe

“I have known Pandit Samavedula for over three years now and each time I’ve asked for help it came fast and sure.”

~ P.D., USA

Dear Panditji Samavedula.
"I want to thank you for the help I am receiving from you for the yagyas you are performing. It has really helped with the depression although at times I seem to be very emotional. Until recently I have been unable to function enough to even get anything accomplished."  

~ V.E.

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